Hedge Funds


Despite much of the negative publicity surrounding hedge fund compliance in the marketplace, reputable hedge fund managers ensure all investing is conducted in a prudent and transparent manner

Better managers ensure adherence to hedge fund regulation best practices like these:

  • All recordkeeping is conducted by a leading third-party administrator
  • All third-party auditing is conducted by a leading third-party auditor
  • Investment proceeds are never directly handled by the money manager, but are held by a national custodian
  • Fees must be clearly disclosed and transparent – and in sufficient detail to permit investors to know precisely what they are paying for

Our goal

ComplianceNow helps investment managers implement institutional-grade hedge fund compliance processes and risk-management controls to protect hedge fund alpha through these four steps:

  • Risk Management Certification
  • Launch Preparation
  • Compliance
  • Business Transformation


  • Transparency: Investors expect to have an independent third-party monitoring risk, and they expect that you have a third-party certification of your processes and controls. Doing middle and back office functions the right way is no longer a nice-to-have capability, but a major requirement for most investors.
  • Scalable Flexibility: All services are offered independently or can be packaged together for greater cost-efficiency. We customize each of our services to meet your unique needs.
  • Consistent with Audit and Regulatory Requirements: Our services mitigate risks that can cause direct and indirect losses. We can help you avoid problems that create regulatory issues that could lead to fines or cause your fund to close its doors.
  • Industry Partnerships: ComplianceNow has developed a robust network of hedge fund professionals that can be relied upon as an expert resource.

Risk management certification

ComplianceNow in consultation with other leading hedge fund professionals will conduct a comprehensive due diligence review of your processes and procedures based on the themes and guidance provided by the Alternative Investment Management Association. After review, if you meet our standards, we will provide you with our Risk Management Certification. Our Certification provides your investors with the comfort that comes from knowing a third-party has thoroughly reviewed your risk management controls against best practices.

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