Mock Arbitration

Let a Mock Arbitration Test Your Case Assumptions Before You Present Them

Patrick W. McKeon JD, CFP®

At ExpertWitness.Biz, I have learned that there isn’t one “right” way to present an argument.

With significant financial and reputational exposures dependent on a successful outcome, claimants or respondents are best served by vetting their strategy and evidence beforehand in a mock arbitration setting designed to replicate the actual case scenario.

Having sat on numerous Financial Industry Arbitration Panels during the course of my career, I have a comprehensive understanding of all the substantive and procedural requirements needed for submission and adjudication of an arbitration claim.

I can attest to the fact that each arbitration panel member finds different arguments, examples and evidence to be the most persuasive part of a presentation.

Gain the Insights You Need for Perfecting Your Arbitration or Litigation Strategy Prior to Presenting Your Case

Through the course of a mock arbitration, one can gain insight into how actual arbitrators will perceive your case, as well as the arbitration process itself. Previous real and mock arbitration experiences have provided me with invaluable information as to how neutral third parties will use their own arbitration experience to interpret the arguments and evidence selectively, and evaluate either a claimant’s or respondent’s presentation.

Tactics used before a judge and jury can be equally indispensable in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Arbitrators aren’t jurors, but they still bring to the table their own professional experiences, biases, perceptions and decision-making processes. Taking an active, calculated approach to arbitration helps ensure you make your best case when it matters most.

With a mock arbitration initiative you can test the strengths and weaknesses of your arguments, and measure the educational and visual value of your evidence, while letting a practiced arbitrator, familiar with all the key issues, weigh in on your approach and arguments — all before arbitration actually begins.

Cost-Efficient and Professional, Mock Arbitration Improves Your Chances of a Successful Outcome

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