Regulatory Consulting

If you have determined that you are ready to start your own broker-dealer or RIA, then we can make the process time-sensitive and cost-effective

While the registration process may seem lengthy, we can make up for lost time. For example, to get you up and running you can use our licenses for short periods of time. We can also show you how to implement a testing waiver application.


Need a direction for creating your own broker-dealer?

Our latest white paper will you show the way.
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Whichever way you prefer to work, we can help you reach your goal on time and on budget.

Examples of our regulatory consulting services include:

  • Written Supervisory Procedures Review, Updates and Amendments
  • Financial Books and Records Review and Analysis
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Anti-Money Laundering Plans
  • Independent Anti-Money Laundering Testing
  • Annual Compliance Meetings
  • Continuing Education Plans
  • General Broker/Dealer Books and Records Review and Analysis
  • CRD System Review
  • Supervisory System Review & Analysis
  • Compliance System Review & Analysis
  • Control System Review & Analysis
  • Accounting System Review & Analysis
  • Risk Management Programs

Having a seasoned financial and operations principal is essential to running a compliant broker dealer.

We can supervise, assent and support the preparation, review, and approval of the following:

  • Balance sheet
  • General ledger
  • Net Capital Computation
  • Customer Reserve Calculation
  • Third Party Verification of Allowable Assets with Reconciliations
  • Report Filing
  • Annual Audit Filing
  • Schedule 1

Need a Financial & Operations Principal (FINOP)?

Every broker-dealer is required to hire a Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP) to oversee the member books and records and to ensure compliance with SEC net capital rules. Our network of FINOP experts can provide you with fast responses to your questions and support on your financial, operational, and net capital issues.

Regulators permit an outside firm like ComplianceNow to associate with a broker-dealer for the purpose of fulfilling the FINOP role. We can assist the FINOP function for your broker-dealer or support the duties of your in-house FINOP. Our services include monthly accounting, net capital computation, electronic filing of FOCUS reports, FINRA assessment report and your SIPC filing.

As a FINOP, we will prepare and oversee all aspects of this mandatory, regulatory function – or help you with specific aspects of your program, including:

  • Supervision, assistance and support for accuracy of financial reports
  • Supervision, assistance and support of individuals who assist in the preparation of such reports
  • Supervision, assistance and support for individuals involved in maintaining your firm’s books and records
  • Supervision, assistance and support for individuals involved in your back office as related to financial reporting
  • Supervision, assistance and support related to matters regarding the financial and operational management of your firm
  • Broker Dealer Auditing for FINRA, NYSE, or SEC
  • Updating Brokerage Procedures or Compliance Manuals